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Cedarcrest's Just For Spite

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Registered Name: Cedarcrest's Just For Spite
Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 20 APR 2006
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Standing:
Colour: Red
Health HD:
Health patella:
Health eyes:
Known Offspring:
Registration: AKC NP130516/04
Titles: CH
Half-siblings (sire's side):
Half-siblings (dam's side):
Cedarcrest's Just For Spite

Tenkuu Go Etchuu Wakasugisou

天空丸号 越中若杉荘

Tenshinmaru Go Etchuu Wakasugisou

Tenkei Go Etchuu Wakasugisou

Meisei/Myoujou Go Etchuu Wakasugisou

Arisa Go Etchuu Wakasugisou

Ooniji Go Etchuu Wakasugisou
Meikyou Go Etchuu Wakasugisou

Copperdots Right Kind Of Wrong

Kokichi No Taima Go Echigo Satou Kensha

Kaze No Daiteiou Go Aizu Tsunekatsusow
Benitakahime Go Echigo Hoshinosow
Yamatokomachi Go Nukui Omura
Shishigen Go Fuji Hachimansou
Nukui No Fuji Go Nukui Omura