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Butterfly Dream Siwash Legend

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Registered Name: Butterfly Dream Siwash Legend
Owner: Milos Supka
Call Name:
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 3 JAN 1997
Date of Death:
Country of Birth:
Country of Standing:
Health HD:
Health patella:
Health eyes:
Known Offspring:
Titles: CAC, NV
Half-siblings (sire's side):
Half-siblings (dam's side):
Butterfly Dream Siwash Legend

Mara-Shimas Timo

Vormund Rising Star

Kurotetsu of Kohtokusow at Makoto

黒鉄号 高徳荘
Wellshim Mimosa
Sakushuhime of Tsuyoshi at Makoto
Kawana No Saku of Toyohashi Kawanasou
Benikohime of Tsuyoshisow at Makoto

Beverly Jashisa

Natsu As Aras An Uachtarain
Desperado As Aras An Uachtarain
Fuji of Nichinansow
Akamori Del Monte

Minimeadow JP Arko

Manløtens Yubina